Ring sizing



Please provide the correct ring size when placing your order.  Although most rings can be sized, it's best not to alter the ring more the one size up or down.

To get the most accurate measurement, visit your local jeweller and ask them to size your finger.  If that is not an option, we can send you a plastic ring sizer to take your own size.

Please send us an email to info@pilaragueci.com



Before taking your measurement, be aware of the time of day.  It's best to measure at the end of the day when your hands are at their largest.  It is also best to measure your finger size when your hands are at room temperature.  Do not attempt to measure your finger if your hands are extremely hot or cold.  Please note the wider rings feel thicker on the finger, up to one size.  If you are unsure about the difference in size between one ring and another, please get in touch with us.  We will be happy to help.

When you come in for the first meeting, try to bring a ring of their's in with you.  It should be from the finger they intend to wear the new ring on.  Every ring purchase comes with one complimentary sizing.  Every sizing there-after, is chargeable, depending on the complexity of the piece.