Pear Shape Studs

Pear Shape Studs


These are our Pear shape studs.

They are made of sterling silver and measure approximately 5mm (0.25'') across. 

They have a sterling silver post and backing.

Allergies?  Ask about custom metals



Voici nos boucles d'oreilles "Pear Shape".

Elles sont fabriquées en argent sterling et mesurent environ 5mm (0.25") de diamètre.

Les tiges et fermoirs sont en argent sterling.

Vous souffrez d'allergies aux métaux? Demandez-nous à propos de notre service sur mesure!

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'Sandblasting' is a finish on the surface of metal created by spraying fine beads of sand with compressed air.  Basically, sandblasting is a beautiful, semi-sparkly surface that offers the wearer a change to the 'everyday' polished silver piece of jewellery.